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Spam Policy

If you are reading this page, it may be because you have received spam e-mail that appears to have been sent from an e-mail address @cognizance.com

Please be assured that we never send any kind of mass email or spam. However, we are aware that spammers are spoofing our address.

What is Spoofing?

E-mail spoofing is the practice of changing your name in e-mail so that it looks like the e-mail came from someone else. Spoofing is often used by spammers to prevent people finding out who they are. We became aware that we were being spoofed when we began to receive hundreds of bounced e-mails, informing us that messages we had supposedly sent out had not been delivered.

Many computer viruses and worms also use spoofing. The worm or virus randomly selects an address that it finds on an infected computer. It uses this address as the "From" address when it performs its mass-mailing routine. Numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected computers received complaints that they sent an infected message to someone else.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent this from happening. It can happen to anyone with an e-mail address.

More Information

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